Pilkington 'K' glass is a special glass with a revolutionary permanent coating that will significantly improve the performance of your double glazing.

'K' glass has a high quality durable coating on clear glass and is designed for use in double glazing.
'K' glass improves insulation, so you and your family will be more comfortable.
'K' glass reduces the heat loss through your windows or doors by reflecting the heat from fires and radiators back into your room. This saves money by reducing heating bills.

'K' glass traps heat radiated by the sun reducing your heating costs further.
'K' glass is used as the inner pane of the sealed unit. This serves to warm the inside (room) surface, which in turn reduces both condensation and cold downdraughts that can cause discomfort near the window.

'K' glass has virtually the same appearance as clear glass.
Heat loss is reduced by 30% when using 'K' glass compared with ordinary double glazed units.